Various Types of Standing Desks

Types of Standing Desk


What are the different types of standing desks? Well, it seems that there’s no end to the options available on the market and sometimes it can be difficult to decide the one that best suits you. The good thing is that the styles and types of standing desks are simple to understand. Here are the common types of standing desks on the market;


Static Standing-Desk

Fixed or static standing desks are built-in and come in standard height, pre-set by manufacturers. This could be a desk or countertop that’s built at a specific height.



Also known as “set it and forget it,” adjustable standing desk is quite flexible. Once you set it, you don’t want to re-set it again.



A mechanical standing desk is adjusted manually without an electric motor. You can get models in this category that are adjusted and counterbalanced using a lever. It uses an internal mechanism to move up and down with a lever. This is a better option when an electric outlet is limited or for those who would like a lower cost option.



Electric height adjustable standing desks come with an electric lift that adjusts the height of the desk with the push of a button. They are quite pricier than previous options and offer more convenience. Some models in this category come with preset which can be adjusted to various heights.


Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

This is an economical standing desk option. For those with existing table top or desk, this option might be a better idea. Many offices aren’t ready to replace their existing table tops or desks to match your needs, and therefore, placing your desktop standing desk converter on your table top will transform it into a standing desk.


The Bottom Line

There are several choices on the market when it comes to standing desks. Some are simple while others are complex; others are more robust and specific to certain requirements. Either way, there’s something for everyone. Pick the best standing desk that fits your budget and office environment.

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