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An Unbiased Review of UpDesk's Sit-to-Stand Solutions

Are you suffering from a persistent backache that you suspect is being caused by prolonged sitting? Well, you possibly need to do something before your situation gets worse and maybe even force you to pay that dreaded visit to your physician. One of the best ways to beat this kind of condition (of course apart from exercising) is by acquiring a good standing desk. And if you’re looking for one such tool, nothing beats the comfort and convenience of UpDesk products.

Want to learn more about this company and its solutions? Below is our unbiased review of it.

UpDesk Review

Put simply, UpDesk is one of the world’s leading brands when it comes to sit-to-stand solutions and accessories today. The company, which boasts extensive experience in the field, is based in NashVille although its products can be shipped anywhere in the world.

Why You Should Choose UpDesk Products

One of the key strengths of UpDesk products is that they are not only strong but also stable, stylish, and most importantly affordable. You don’t want to work with a desk that crumbles down at the slightest of weights which is why maximum stability should come first when shopping around for these kinds of home tools.

In an attempt to meet weight/stability standards, UpDesk ensures that all its standing desks and related solutions meet and even exceed all applicable ANSI/BIFMA furniture industry quality standards. Some of the key aspects taken into considerations here include vertical stability, distributed stability, leg strength, and concentrated load bearing all while under a load.

An Overview of the Different Types of UpDesk Solutions on Offer

UpDesk offers you a plethora of options when it comes to standing desks as well as complementary accessories. For example, you can choose among the four main types of desks as follows;

  • Elements
  • UltraPowerUp
  • Ultra UpWrite
  • Ultra SquaredUp
  • Desktop Workstations

In addition, you can choose to purchase Frame alone as well as other accessories such as mats, locking wheel sets, or monitor supports.

  • Updesk Elements

Looking for a standing desk with a simplistic yet fashionable design? We bet you won’t go with Elements Standard by UpDesk. The laminated desk which comes with a sizeable frame boasts both good strength and stability. Besides, it’s easy to adjust, thanks to its reinforced steel footings with adjustable levelers. The stylish desk which is capable of holding weights of up to 300lbs comes with a generous 5-year warranty.

  • UpDesk Ultra PowerUp

Under this category, you can choose among the three models available namely;

  • Ultra PowerUp BevelUp
  • Ultra PowerUp Real Wood
  • Ultra PowerUp Solid Surface

Some of the shared standout features of this category of standing desks by UpDesk include an augmented column that comes with dual motor for enhanced stability and strength. In addition, you get a desk that’s easy to assemble and disassemble thanks to its inventive Kick & Click technology. What’s more? It features energy-saving control technology to minimize the power demands.

  • UpDesk SquaredUp

For this model of UpDesk standing desks, you get to enjoy a number of top features including a durable high-pressure laminate desktop, strong mounting brackets that ensure easy assembly, augmented columns that help to enhance strength and stability, and an energy-saving control system.

Under this category, you can choose between the two available options which are only differentiated by color; Maple on Titanium and Black on Black versions.

  • Frame Only

Have a desktop and just want a frame on which to erect your standing desk? UpDesk has taken care of you as well. As such, you can make a frame order of any of the UpDesk solutions described in this post which you can then use to customize your own desk at home. This way, you’ll not only save on cost but also get a standing desk with your own personal touch. Besides, you can even send your personalized instructions to UpDesk requesting them to create a fully customized desk for you.

All frames come mounted with a control box and all the required cabling, augmented columns for increased stability and strength, an electric controller, and standard mounting brackets to aid easy assembling.

  • Other Top UpDesk Accessories to Consider

In addition to the standing desks outlined above, UpDesk offers you numerous other accessories that are aimed at making your life much better also. These include;

  • A Universal Stool
  • OM5 Intuition Chair
  • Discovery Support Chair with Arms
  • Reststop Air Stool
  • YES Task Chair

Other UpDesk products on offer include;

  • Mats and Boards
  • Monitor Supports (Both single and dual)
  • Power Management Accessories
  • Privacy Panels

Benefits of Using UpDesk’s Sit-to-Stand Solutions

  • Improved Health

Did you know that sitting for prolonged periods is now regarded as the new smoking? Yes, you heard that right. Only a few other things are causing as much damage to human health as sitting for extended periods. Some of the health hazards you face for this include risks of developing herniated lumbar disks and slowed blood circulation which can then attract other riskier conditions such as heart attacks.

  • Better Posture

As mentioned above, prolonged sitting can significantly affect your herniated lumbar disks and your lower back in general which in turn impacts on your general body posture. Luckily for you, a good standing desk such as those offered by UpDesk can help you avoid falling into this trap.

Pros of UpDesk Sitting Desks

  • All products come with a very sturdy construction.
  • Their surfaces are also durable with most of the desks coming with laminated ones too.
  • Desks have adjustable levelers to make it easy for you to adjust to a height of your choice.

Cons of UpDesk Sitting Desks

  • Some of the products by UpDesk are quite pricey.
  • The cost of shipping desks outside the U.S. is also a bit steep.

Our Verdict: Are UpDesk Products Worth Purchasing?

Absolutely. This is a world renowned provider of sit-to-stand solutions with a proven record of producing only the best standing desks and other related accessories. With the company’s products, you not only get quality but also style and unique tastes. As you’ve seen in our review, there’s something for everyone as far as UpDesk is concerned. So, ensure to grab at least one of these highly-rated solutions today and start taking better care of your health!

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*If you are unsatisfied with your UpDesk, you have 30 days in which to request a return.