An Ultimate Review To UpDesk Elements

UpDesk Elements


UpDesk, known for offering UpDesk Elements, is undeniably one of the leading and most recognizable brands of stand or sit accessories and solutions in the world. Over the years, their primary goal has been to offer its customers high-end and high-quality products at the most competitive prices ever in the market. As we all know, sitting all day while working is quite dangerous to your health and some people say that you are slowly killing yourself! With that in mind, UpDesk has designed incredible furniture that takes care of your health, called standing desk. With these pieces of furniture, you can adjust it upwards so that you can work while standing or adjust it downwards to allow you to sit. In this review, we will establish more about UpDesk Elements Standard.


Types of Elements Standard

If you are looking for a workstation desk that is ergonomically designed, then consider UpDesk Elements. They are designed to last longer and its meets/exceeds industry quality standards for furniture. Elements Standard currently available at UpDesk includes the following:

  • Elements Standard Black on Black
  • Elements Standard Maple on Titanium
  • Elements Standard Cherry on Black
  • Elements Standard White on White


What are Elements Standard made of?

As earlier stated, UpDesk furniture are designed to last longer, well over twenty years. In this light, Elements Standard of made of thick, durable high-pressure laminate materials. These materials are subjected to industry quality checks and tests, which include vertical stability while loaded, distributed stability (again when loaded), concentrated load bearing, leg strength testing, and much more, just to mention a few. These pieces of furniture meet and exceed all these tests, which imply that materials used to make them are durable to last for many years.


Assembly of UpDesk Elements

The assembly process for Elements Standard from UpDesk is pretty simple and straightforward. Each desk needs about 30 to 60 minutes for complete assembly of the desktop and frame. Elements Standard come with the upper frame supports already assembled on the desktop. In a nutshell, assembling UpDesk Elements is a little quicker than any other desk from other designers.


Testing and Weight capacities

The UpDesk Standard Elements features an efficient motor system from Linak, one of the worldwide leading suppliers for standing desk electronics. This system is capable of lifting heavy loads placed on the desktop, and as mentioned earlier, through testing, Elements Standard models exceed the loads recommended from Linak. To be specific, for all weights not exceeding 300 lbs, UpDesk Elements can achieve and maintain a lifting speed of about 1.43 inches per second. However, if overloaded to about 400 lbs, the desk lifting speed declines to about 1.24 inches per second, which is still an excellent lifting capability.


Return Policy and Warranty

The return policy attached to Elements standards are the same. Customers have thirty days to try out the desks, and if they do not like them, then they can return. As far as warranty is concerned, UpDesk offers up to five years, which cover the structure and the electronics of the desk. The limited warranty for such an ergonomic piece of furniture shows that your desk is covered fully against defects in workmanship and material.



In the end, it is evident that UpDesk Elements are indeed the best standing desks offering durable glide systems, high-end gear system, durable materials, premium electronics, and more importantly, a designed that takes of ergonomic considerations and guidelines.