Why Use a Stand up Desk?

Stand up Desk


Sitting for an extended period can negatively affect your health in a great way, and that’s why you need to invest in buying the best stand up desk. This might sound dramatic, but it is true. Due to the current nature of work, most people in the current generation sit on their desk jobs for nearly six hours a day.

Although research experts are trying to figure out why sitting for prolonged periods can bring cause a lot of negative health effects, it is advisable to interrupt your sitting routine and stand up for some time. This can be made easily using a standing desk. Walking is the recommended exercise to beat the effects of sitting for long hours, but keeping in mind that you cannot keep walking away from the task at hand whenever you need to break the routine, it makes sense to install standing desks.

Stand up desk comes with several benefits including;


Lowers Your Risk of Being Overweight and Obese

Weight gain comes as a result of taking more calories than we burn. Conversely, burning calories requires that you engage in physical exercises and standing is one of the exercises you can do at the workplace. Research has shown that you can burn 170 more calories when you stand for some time instead of sitting all day. This will help you lower the risk of becoming obese.


Core Strength and Posture

Standing on your stand up desk can help you maintain a good posture in addition to giving you strength to your core. If you set your standing desk to a recommended height for your body height, your body will assume good posture thereby helping avoid effects of bad posture such as back pain and accumulation of fat on the constricted parts of the body.


More energy

Standing keeps your blood flowing well and your mind more alert. It’s hard to feel dizzy when you are on your stand up desk because you are constantly aware of your body.

Stand up Desk

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