How Many Calories Does a Stand Up Desk Burn?

Stand Up Desk


Thanks to the dedicated healthy lifestyle researchers and proponents, most office workers now have stand up desk to reduce prolonged sitting while working. But just how effective are these furniture at burning calories? Well, this post will examine the logistics of working while seated and while standing and attempt to table arguments based on statistical data. It shall also cover briefly the benefits that desks offer.

Admittedly, the typical belief for a while now has been the longer you stand, the more calories you lose. While theoretically, this is correct, actualizing the deed reveals otherwise. Simply put, the number of calories you burn while using a stand-up desk is not significantly farther from those of while seated. You actually lose about 10 calories for every hour that you remain standing. The number is far too low considering the total which we ingest on every meal (600+ calories).


But does this revelation overrule the need for a stand up desk?

The short answer is no. These desks were originally designed to exercise the entire body by working the major muscles. This, in the long run, not only burns calories but also eliminates back problems that are common for professions that you spend long hours seated.

Another school of thought suggests the question of burning calories is not just about standing but also including movement in the routine. The truth is, stand-up desks can comfortably achieve this but only if you will combine both standing and movement while working from them. Otherwise, if you remain still with minimal or no motion, you are better off seated.

We came across a documentation by a well-respected research workgroup some time back and what we gathered was compelling. It compared a group of people weighing 130 pounds and working an average of eight hours. They used these desks occasionally throughout the test. For every hour they spent standing and swinging their arms, they lost about 40 calories. This is three times more the number of calories they lost while remaining still.


So, what does this research imply?

First, it confirms the school of thought aforementioned as practically correct. Secondly, it proves that these desk is an inevitable furniture for any office setting that is good-health oriented.


Parting shot

In case you missed it, this post was mostly attempting to establish the relationship between stand-up desks and calories incineration. We discovered that using these desk did not automatically burn more calories. Instead, it worked best when some motion was involved.

Therefore, the answer to the question “How many calories does a stand-up desk burn?” is dependent on a few factors. However, overall, a stand up desk is best used to remedy sitting complications and not necessarily in burning calories.


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