How to Stand Properly At Your Standing Desk

How to Stand Properly At Your Standing Desk

To prevent potential back problems and discomforts while working standing up, it’s important to make sure that your postures are ergonomically correct. It doesn’t matter whether you have the best standing desk or not, but assuming the right posture on your desk is important.

To ensure that you stand properly on your standing desk, here are tips to guide you;

  • Step 1 – Raise your standing desk to a comfortable height so that your elbows are bent at an angle of 90 degrees to 120 degrees.
  • Step 2 – Make sure the top of your desktop monitor is parallel to your eye level or just below them. If your monitor is not high enough, elevate its angle to face your eyes without straining your neck.
  • Step 3 – Your hands and wrists should be in a straight line and roughly parallel to the floor.
  • Step 4 – Alternate between standing and sitting throughout your work day to keep your mind alert and your body healthy.

The above steps are meant to ensure that you adopt a proper standing desk posture. Good standing posture is a habit that will benefit you with time. Although a standing desk helps improve your posture, you still need to learn how to stand properly to avoid causing strains to your neck.

Besides learning how to stand properly on a standing desk, it’s also important to develop a good sit-to-stand ratio. Sitting all day is unhealthy, but standing all day isn’t better as well. With a standing desk, you can alternate both, but you need to find the right ratio for it to benefit you. Here are 3 rules to help you strike a good ratio;

  • Rule 1 – Move around after every 20 or 30 minutes. Even if you stroll to and from the water cooler is good. This movement will help your leg muscles contract thereby increasing blood flow to your legs.
  • Rule 2 – listen to your body. The burning feeling you get when you’ve either sat or stood for an extended period indicates the formation of lactic acid in your respective muscles. Avoid this by moving around.
  • Rule 3 – Improve your standing time- with time you need to gradually increase your standing time all while obeying rule one and two.

We hope these tips will help you adopt a good standing posture.

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