A Comprehensive Review of Updesk SquaredUp

Updesk SquaredUp


The Updesk SquaredUp fits many needs and situations. UpDesk responded to the needs of the current generation that spend most of their times’ sitting at a desk by bringing a desk that would work well as a group workstation or a corner desk. The desk is spacious enough to accommodate various things and comes with an ergonomic design.

You can get the Updesk Ultra SquaredUp in various sizes

  • Desk Back with a length of 48 inches on both sides and 24 inches along the ends.
  • Desk back with a length of 60 inches on both sides and 24 inches along the ends.
  • The Updesk SquaredUp has curved indent across the front part to keep all your things in easy-to-reach proximity.



The lift capacity of the Updesk SquaredUp is a bit lower than that of WriteUp or PowerUp desks, but it is still a remarkable 300 lbs. To illustrate this, the average monitor and computer weigh in at around 30 pounds, and therefore, there would not be an issue if you require placing multiple computers at your workstation. Gaming computers are quite heavier than ordinary computers, but still, this desk can handle a few of them.

Its height adjustability is 25.5 inches to 50.5 inches; meaning that this desk will accommodate most people irrespective of height.


The Look

If you need a desk that economizes on your small office space but still gives you plenty of surface area to work with, the Updesk SquaredUp could be the best solution for you. It will fit into your office corner and enable you to switch between sitting and standing at ease.

The Updesk Ultra SquaredUp comes in Black and Maple surface finishes and has a durable 1.25 inches high-pressure laminate top just like other desks made by UpDesk Company.


The Verdict

If you are looking for an ideal desk that will economize on your office space and enable you to switch between standing and sitting, then Updesk SquaredUp is a great option. It has a digital control box that comes with six buttons, with two being for adjusting heights up and down.

It is also durable and sturdy. The Updesk SquaredUp can easily and quietly change from sitting to standing which makes it great for your transition times. You can fit caster wheels to it if you want to be moving around with it since it is quite heavy to move it on your own. These desks are made sturdy and heavy and therefore, if you want your workstation to be flexible, make sure to fit the wheels at the outset.

If you are in an open office space where you collaborate on various projects, then you can put a few of these desks together to form a comfortable team workstation. This will help economize on space. Its ability to quietly and quickly move independently between sitting and standing makes it ideal for any group space.

In a home office, Updesk Ultra SquaredUp would work great given that too much of the space is often integrated into the living space. This desk gives you the ability to create a home office at the corner of your living room. Updesk SquaredUp will also work well for people who want to maximize their available space for various office furniture.


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