How to Make an Adjustable Desk

Adjustable Desk


We all know that sitting for long hours comes with negative health effects, but at the same time we do not want to commit to standing the whole day and that’s why the easiest solution to this is using an adjustable desk. However, the best adjustable desk doesn’t come cheaply, and many might not be able to invest in one. But the good news is; you can make your own adjustable desk using simple materials that you can buy from your local hardware.

Working from a standing position relieves the stress on the spine, promote awareness, improves blood circulation, and helps you assume a good posture. You can ditch your old-fashioned working desk and upgrade to an upright version that will improve your productivity and enable you to get comfortable in the workplace.

Here is how you can make your own adjustable desk;


Parts and supplies

With the right supplies, it’s easy to construct your own adjustable height desk. So now that you want to build a manually adjustable height desk, here are some helpful guidelines to get that done;

  • Desktop – You will need to purchase a quality desktop. They are solid wood which you will attach to your worktop at the workplace. You can purchase any type of desktop, but preferably, they need to be semi-finished so that you can add some additional staining and sanding to finish it off.
  • Fittings -Clamp fittings make your height desk adjustable. Each fitting comes with a set of screws that can be adjusted easily. The set screw bites into the pipe thereby making a strong connection that is adjustable. You can loosen or tighten them.
  • Pipe – There are different sizes of pipes. The size is measured in inches. Depending on how strong you want your desk to be, you can purchase any pipe as long it is strong enough to handle the weight of your hands. Regarding the height, the maximum length should be your recommended height for your adjustment height desk.


How to Assemble

  • Start by connecting the fitting for the legs and the pipe.
  • Then connect the leg base to the desktop.
  • Make fine adjustments using a level.
  • Your adjustment desk should be complete.

Adjustable Desk

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