A Detailed Review of UpDesk PowerUp

UpDesk PowerUp


If your job requires you to sit for long hours at your desk, then UpDesk PowerUp will be an interesting solution for you. Updesk has a solution that allows you to alternate between sitting and standing just at the push of a button. But is it worth the money? Well, our Updesk PowerUp review will reveal all the facts.

Height adjustable desks are not new, but they are rare outside corporate environment, especially if they are automated. The UpDesk has been around for several decades and has made a name in constructing furniture that have ergonomic designs. The company chooses to sell its product directly to the product so as to retain control of the prices and sales. If you are interested in learning more about this adjustable desk, here are the features of UpDesk PowerUp;



The UpDesk is more into functionality than modern design. Its elegant aesthetic contoured shape makes it easy for you to reach further into the corners of the desk from where you are standing or sitting. One thing that differentiates this desk from the old model desks is the programmable controller for adjusting height. This allows you to switch between heights until you find your best height. For safety reason, the desk adjusts height for as long as you keep holding the height buttons (up and down buttons)

The UpDesk PowerUp comes in partially assembled form, and you have to assemble it using a screwdriver and power drill. You should assemble all the parts in less than an hour. However, despite being solidly build you need to take care of the various parts since the plastic parts on the electric lift mechanism are delicate and therefore can crack if handled without care.

It comes in three different colors; mahogany, maple, and black finishes. The desk comes complete with its own cable ties to help you keep all your cords neatly arranged away from the top. However, raising or lowering your desk could affect the position of your chords.


Benefits of UpDesk PowerUp

It reduces fatigue by promoting an active and healthy posture. Studies have shown that sitting all day can negatively impact your health. However, standing all day is not the best solution either. This is why UpDesk becomes an ideal alternative for people who are worried about the health implications that come with sitting for long hours. This desk can help you alternate between sitting and standing, all at the push of a button whenever you please.

It is an ideal option for shared workspaces. It can be used by anyone because height can be adjusted down or upward depending on the height of the user. You can also pre-set its height to match your shoes.

It offers sheer convenience as compared to the DIY standing desks that you can’t move up and down easily.


The Downsides of UpDesk PowerUp

The desk is quite costly. However, the many benefits you will enjoy from this desk and the convenience it will bring will override the cost.


Should You Buy it?

UpDesk PowerUp is made by a reputable company and will enable you to assume better posture and improve your productivity. It is something you should invest in if you want to remain healthy in your sedentary lifestyle.


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