A Comprehensive Review of UpDesk UpWrite

UpDesk UpWrite


This may not come as a surprise, but many people spend roughly the same amount of time sitting at their work desks as they do in bed every night, and that’s why you need to break that pattern by investing in UpDesk UpWrite. Most of the work nowadays revolve around computers and therefore, you get tied to a desk. However, not all desks are made equal as some come with various functionalities. One such desk is UpDesk UpWrite, an adjustable standing desk. Therefore, instead of sitting all day without stretching your legs and spine, why not invest in this standing desk.

Are you interested in learning more about it? Well, here is our detailed UpDesk UpWrite review.



The UpDesk UpWrite is quite different from ordinary desks for a number of reasons; first, it is a standing desk- it can raise or lower itself to the height that you desire. Second, it comes in various sizes, ranging from 48 inches up to 72 inches wide.



The UpWrite, being a heavy desk, comes in two boxes. While you could move them into your office all by yourself, an extra person is needed for assembling to help you flip it over when you are finished. Assembling this desk is easy; all you need to do is to attach the two legs to the desk, then the control box, and run some cables. You will also need to attach several plastic pieces to hide the cables out of sight.

Once you have attached everything, you will need to flip the desk over and plug it in power. Raise it to the highest and lowest point to ensure that everything is calibrated correctly.



The control box of UpDesk UpWrite comes with six buttons and a small screen to display the height. Two buttons are for lowering or raising the desk, while the other four are for the presets. The display is meant to show you the exact height the desk is currently at. It will only display the height when you are pushing the buttons; after that, it goes into power save mode.

The desk has three memory settings. It will remember three heights that you normally use. Therefore, you will only need to touch the lowering or raising button, and it will stop at the exact spot that you had set earlier. This feature comes in handy for people who can’t recall the exact spot the car seat was in after someone altered it. Therefore, having the ability to save at least three positions is, really nice.


The downside of UpDesk UpWrite

You have to hold the pre-set button until it reaches the correct height that you desire. You can’t just press once and have the desk set the height on its own; you have to keep the button held at all times. The UpDesk Company addresses the reason for this in their setup manual and terms it as a special feature. This prevents it from getting caught on something, which might break it is it continues to rise.


Should You Buy It?

UpDesk UpWrite is a smart investment to make. The desk has received massive praises from satisfied users. It is elegant and comes with an ergonomic design.


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