How to Choose the Best Standing Desk for Your Needs

Choose the Best Standing Desk


Many of the people in this generation are averaging nine hours a day sitting at a desk. This is why standing desks are becoming increasingly popular to ensure postural change during the day. However, if you do a simple search of the best standing desk or best standing desk accessories, you are likely to get overwhelmed because of the many options on the market. We’ve compiled a guide to show you how you can find the best standing desk for your needs.


Motorized vs. Hand-crank vs. Pneumatic

Keeping personal preferences aside, the style of powered or non-powered standing desk that suits your needs will come down to how often you want to switch between sitting and standing in a day. Motorized and pneumatic models make it simple to transit, but can be pricier than hand-crank versions.

That said, the hand-crank desks can run into issues with durability and stability if you aren’t careful with them when switching. This can be tiresome if you find yourself doing it often.



This goes without saying that you’ll want the best standing desk that will give you service for many years; one that’s made of high-end materials like walnut wood or bamboo. With that in mind, you need a standing desk with sturdy feet so that it won’t sway when leaned on or knocked into. Ensure that you check how compact it is so that it can last the test of time.


Ease of Use

If you need a standing desk that switches easily between sitting and standing, then go for those with electric motors. However, you can also opt for a manual standing desk if you want to get involved in switching between standing and sitting. If go for those with electric motors, ensure that the motors are efficient and durable. Also, check whether its accessories are available for replacement if needed.



This’s an important factor to consider. Ensure that your standing desk has sturdy feet that have a good surface area for support. Consider if it should be leaned against a wall or if it’s a standalone model. If you’ll be using it in the middle of an open office plan, go for standalone models, if you’re near a wall, you can go for those that require wall support.

There are many varieties of standing desks, and therefore, you need to take enough time to choose the best standing desk for your needs. But with the right evaluation criteria, one can make an informed and enlightened decision.

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