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Best Standing Desk

Best Standing Desk

Factors to Consider When Choosing Best Standing Desks

Did you know that spending over nine hours seated has a negative implication on our health? Yes, recent studies reveal that the comfy posture which we so much adore eventually weighs down on our physical fitness. So, with that in mind, don’t you think it’s time you invested in a piece of technology built to reduce the hours spent sitting?

Thanks to the bioengineers’ powerful invention, we now have standing desks to help you battle those annoying joint pains at the shoulders, neck, and back that characterize failing body fitness.

Just like any other equipment, several factors should flood your mind when picking the best standing desk. Here are the ideal ones:

  • Space Configuration

You need to consider the mission you want to accomplish from where the standing desk sits. What role will it play in your office? A spacious desk allows you to arrange all your worksheets to be within an arm stretch’s radius. It prevents cluttering and enhances neatness. For instance, if you use it for typing, the amount of space to place your keyboard and other additional accessories should be sufficient. You shouldn’t be straining your fingers and arms fighting for space with your working items.

  • The Environment Factor

You need to ask yourself, will I use the desk alone or will I share it with my colleagues? The best standing desk will provide enough room for moving your body freely without restriction. It will also allow any body size to work comfortably from it. Besides, it will allow more than one person to function without compromising the other’s space.

  • Height Adjustment

Now that it accommodates your breadth, how about the height? The best standing desks are often adjustable. This allows you to choose that neutral position that will increase your output while still protecting your muscles from straining or growing fatigued. You don’t want a desk that forces you to bend your back while you preferred an upright posture. Manufacturers recommend that your forearms be parallel with the resting area when standing. The position reduces the weight of your arms thereby relieving the shoulder and back muscles.

  • Sturdiness

The last thing you want is a desk that crumbles when you apply some force to it. You definitely want a piece of equipment that can withstand pressure without curving in. For instance, architects will occasionally slump when working on a demanding image and suddenly increase gravity on the standing desk. Equipment built from the weak material will obviously frustrate in this scenario. To solve this, choose a standing desk fashioned out of hardwood. It will rarely give in to sudden pressure.

  • Noise

How loud is your working environment? If you work in a processing plant, this might not even bother you. But what of a quiet lab where everyone’s mind is engaged in deep thoughts? The standing desk’s adjustment mechanism should work without necessarily producing sounds that will disrupt your workmates. Settling for one with greaseable joints is counteractive to noise.

  • Programmability

How customizable is the standing desk you want? A good one will allow you to tailor it for any activity. Simply put, you will manipulate it to serve comfortably any of your work settings.

  • Adjustable Speed

This factor affects how many times you will adjust your standing desk without getting bored. For example, if you work in a biology lab you’ll definitely alter the viewing angles of your microscope every few minutes. You will need a desk that you can adjust to optimal heights with speed and minimal physical effort.

  • Mobility

How many times do you want to shift your working area position? In some office settings, the movement is very crucial. Case and example, some departments restructure their interior design regularly for aesthetic purposes or to break the monotony. Some standing desks have rolling wheels to increase mobility. You’ll find them more convenient if the above example sounds familiar.

  • Color Patterns

Most modern standing desks are crafted in colorful patterns to look attractive. When choosing one, make sure it complements the color pattern of the rest of your furniture. If you are not into colors, you can go for brown or black desks as these will blend well with any set of furniture.

Wrap Up

Looking for quality desk? Consider checking out the above factors which we believe will help you make a great decision. In a nutshell, just find a piece of equipment that accommodates your worksheets comfortably, blends in your office setup effortlessly, and finally encourages you to be mobile for a healthy ending. With that in mind, you can now proceed to look for the best standing desk review and finally shop.

Looking For Quality Desk?

Best Standing Desk