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An Ultimate Review To UpDesk Elements

UpDesk Elements


UpDesk, known for offering UpDesk Elements, is undeniably one of the leading and most recognizable brands of stand or sit accessories and solutions in the world. Over the years, their primary goal has been to offer its customers high-end and high-quality products at the most competitive prices ever in the market. As we all know, sitting all day while working is quite dangerous to your health and some people say that you are slowly killing yourself! With that in mind, UpDesk has designed incredible furniture that takes care of your health, called standing desk. With these pieces of furniture, you can adjust it upwards so that you can work while standing or adjust it downwards to allow you to sit. In this review, we will establish more about UpDesk Elements Standard.


Types of Elements Standard

If you are looking for a workstation desk that is ergonomically designed, then consider UpDesk Elements. They are designed to last longer and its meets/exceeds industry quality standards for furniture. Elements Standard currently available at UpDesk includes the following:

  • Elements Standard Black on Black
  • Elements Standard Maple on Titanium
  • Elements Standard Cherry on Black
  • Elements Standard White on White


What are Elements Standard made of?

As earlier stated, UpDesk furniture are designed to last longer, well over twenty years. In this light, Elements Standard of made of thick, durable high-pressure laminate materials. These materials are subjected to industry quality checks and tests, which include vertical stability while loaded, distributed stability (again when loaded), concentrated load bearing, leg strength testing, and much more, just to mention a few. These pieces of furniture meet and exceed all these tests, which imply that materials used to make them are durable to last for many years.


Assembly of UpDesk Elements

The assembly process for Elements Standard from UpDesk is pretty simple and straightforward. Each desk needs about 30 to 60 minutes for complete assembly of the desktop and frame. Elements Standard come with the upper frame supports already assembled on the desktop. In a nutshell, assembling UpDesk Elements is a little quicker than any other desk from other designers.


Testing and Weight capacities

The UpDesk Standard Elements features an efficient motor system from Linak, one of the worldwide leading suppliers for standing desk electronics. This system is capable of lifting heavy loads placed on the desktop, and as mentioned earlier, through testing, Elements Standard models exceed the loads recommended from Linak. To be specific, for all weights not exceeding 300 lbs, UpDesk Elements can achieve and maintain a lifting speed of about 1.43 inches per second. However, if overloaded to about 400 lbs, the desk lifting speed declines to about 1.24 inches per second, which is still an excellent lifting capability.


Return Policy and Warranty

The return policy attached to Elements standards are the same. Customers have thirty days to try out the desks, and if they do not like them, then they can return. As far as warranty is concerned, UpDesk offers up to five years, which cover the structure and the electronics of the desk. The limited warranty for such an ergonomic piece of furniture shows that your desk is covered fully against defects in workmanship and material.



In the end, it is evident that UpDesk Elements are indeed the best standing desks offering durable glide systems, high-end gear system, durable materials, premium electronics, and more importantly, a designed that takes of ergonomic considerations and guidelines.

UpDesk Elements

Why You Need An Adjustable Standing Desk

Adjustable Standing Desk


An adjustable standing desk, also known as a stand-up desk, is generally used for work because it offers convenience and comfort. Nowadays, there are many modern versions of the table. Many people prefer this desk because of the various benefits it can offer.


Why Buy An Adjustable Standing Desk


Reduce Back Pain

Lengthy hours of sitting can lead to back pain. According to several studies, the use of a standing desk can dramatically lower chronic back pain. The desk is suitable for office workers who usually sit all day.


Lower The Risks For Heart Disease

There has been studies about the relationship between prolonged standing and heart disease. Experts say that the more you spend time sitting, the higher risk of developing a heart disease. If you care for your heart, it is wise to use a standing desk at work.


Reduce Blood Sugar Levels

Studies show that standing can lower the levels of blood sugar in the body, especially after lunch. If you spend a lot time sitting in the office, a standing desk can allow you to stand once in awhile and prevent the risk of type ll diabetes.


Help You Live Longer

There is a strong link between early death and prolonged sitting. This is according to several studies. When you sit for many hours everyday, your body becomes prone to various illnesses. The lesser time you sit, the lower the risks of dying early.


Improve Your Productivity

Using a standing desk can boost your productivity because standing can improve both your energy and mood.

Standing more and sitting less can promote a healthy body. If you don’t want to sit all day but have to work, a standing desk is a fantastic choice for you. Among all the brands of standing desks today, make sure to opt for the best adjustable standing desk updesk for your needs.


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UpDesk Elements

A Comprehensive Review of Updesk SquaredUp

Updesk SquaredUp


The Updesk SquaredUp fits many needs and situations. UpDesk responded to the needs of the current generation that spend most of their times’ sitting at a desk by bringing a desk that would work well as a group workstation or a corner desk. The desk is spacious enough to accommodate various things and comes with an ergonomic design.

You can get the Updesk Ultra SquaredUp in various sizes

  • Desk Back with a length of 48 inches on both sides and 24 inches along the ends.
  • Desk back with a length of 60 inches on both sides and 24 inches along the ends.
  • The Updesk SquaredUp has curved indent across the front part to keep all your things in easy-to-reach proximity.



The lift capacity of the Updesk SquaredUp is a bit lower than that of WriteUp or PowerUp desks, but it is still a remarkable 300 lbs. To illustrate this, the average monitor and computer weigh in at around 30 pounds, and therefore, there would not be an issue if you require placing multiple computers at your workstation. Gaming computers are quite heavier than ordinary computers, but still, this desk can handle a few of them.

Its height adjustability is 25.5 inches to 50.5 inches; meaning that this desk will accommodate most people irrespective of height.


The Look

If you need a desk that economizes on your small office space but still gives you plenty of surface area to work with, the Updesk SquaredUp could be the best solution for you. It will fit into your office corner and enable you to switch between sitting and standing at ease.

The Updesk Ultra SquaredUp comes in Black and Maple surface finishes and has a durable 1.25 inches high-pressure laminate top just like other desks made by UpDesk Company.


The Verdict

If you are looking for an ideal desk that will economize on your office space and enable you to switch between standing and sitting, then Updesk SquaredUp is a great option. It has a digital control box that comes with six buttons, with two being for adjusting heights up and down.

It is also durable and sturdy. The Updesk SquaredUp can easily and quietly change from sitting to standing which makes it great for your transition times. You can fit caster wheels to it if you want to be moving around with it since it is quite heavy to move it on your own. These desks are made sturdy and heavy and therefore, if you want your workstation to be flexible, make sure to fit the wheels at the outset.

If you are in an open office space where you collaborate on various projects, then you can put a few of these desks together to form a comfortable team workstation. This will help economize on space. Its ability to quietly and quickly move independently between sitting and standing makes it ideal for any group space.

In a home office, Updesk Ultra SquaredUp would work great given that too much of the space is often integrated into the living space. This desk gives you the ability to create a home office at the corner of your living room. Updesk SquaredUp will also work well for people who want to maximize their available space for various office furniture.


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UpDesk Elements

A Comprehensive Review of UpDesk UpWrite

UpDesk UpWrite


This may not come as a surprise, but many people spend roughly the same amount of time sitting at their work desks as they do in bed every night, and that’s why you need to break that pattern by investing in UpDesk UpWrite. Most of the work nowadays revolve around computers and therefore, you get tied to a desk. However, not all desks are made equal as some come with various functionalities. One such desk is UpDesk UpWrite, an adjustable standing desk. Therefore, instead of sitting all day without stretching your legs and spine, why not invest in this standing desk.

Are you interested in learning more about it? Well, here is our detailed UpDesk UpWrite review.



The UpDesk UpWrite is quite different from ordinary desks for a number of reasons; first, it is a standing desk- it can raise or lower itself to the height that you desire. Second, it comes in various sizes, ranging from 48 inches up to 72 inches wide.



The UpWrite, being a heavy desk, comes in two boxes. While you could move them into your office all by yourself, an extra person is needed for assembling to help you flip it over when you are finished. Assembling this desk is easy; all you need to do is to attach the two legs to the desk, then the control box, and run some cables. You will also need to attach several plastic pieces to hide the cables out of sight.

Once you have attached everything, you will need to flip the desk over and plug it in power. Raise it to the highest and lowest point to ensure that everything is calibrated correctly.



The control box of UpDesk UpWrite comes with six buttons and a small screen to display the height. Two buttons are for lowering or raising the desk, while the other four are for the presets. The display is meant to show you the exact height the desk is currently at. It will only display the height when you are pushing the buttons; after that, it goes into power save mode.

The desk has three memory settings. It will remember three heights that you normally use. Therefore, you will only need to touch the lowering or raising button, and it will stop at the exact spot that you had set earlier. This feature comes in handy for people who can’t recall the exact spot the car seat was in after someone altered it. Therefore, having the ability to save at least three positions is, really nice.


The downside of UpDesk UpWrite

You have to hold the pre-set button until it reaches the correct height that you desire. You can’t just press once and have the desk set the height on its own; you have to keep the button held at all times. The UpDesk Company addresses the reason for this in their setup manual and terms it as a special feature. This prevents it from getting caught on something, which might break it is it continues to rise.


Should You Buy It?

UpDesk UpWrite is a smart investment to make. The desk has received massive praises from satisfied users. It is elegant and comes with an ergonomic design.


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UpDesk Elements

A Detailed Review of UpDesk PowerUp

UpDesk PowerUp


If your job requires you to sit for long hours at your desk, then UpDesk PowerUp will be an interesting solution for you. Updesk has a solution that allows you to alternate between sitting and standing just at the push of a button. But is it worth the money? Well, our Updesk PowerUp review will reveal all the facts.

Height adjustable desks are not new, but they are rare outside corporate environment, especially if they are automated. The UpDesk has been around for several decades and has made a name in constructing furniture that have ergonomic designs. The company chooses to sell its product directly to the product so as to retain control of the prices and sales. If you are interested in learning more about this adjustable desk, here are the features of UpDesk PowerUp;



The UpDesk is more into functionality than modern design. Its elegant aesthetic contoured shape makes it easy for you to reach further into the corners of the desk from where you are standing or sitting. One thing that differentiates this desk from the old model desks is the programmable controller for adjusting height. This allows you to switch between heights until you find your best height. For safety reason, the desk adjusts height for as long as you keep holding the height buttons (up and down buttons)

The UpDesk PowerUp comes in partially assembled form, and you have to assemble it using a screwdriver and power drill. You should assemble all the parts in less than an hour. However, despite being solidly build you need to take care of the various parts since the plastic parts on the electric lift mechanism are delicate and therefore can crack if handled without care.

It comes in three different colors; mahogany, maple, and black finishes. The desk comes complete with its own cable ties to help you keep all your cords neatly arranged away from the top. However, raising or lowering your desk could affect the position of your chords.


Benefits of UpDesk PowerUp

It reduces fatigue by promoting an active and healthy posture. Studies have shown that sitting all day can negatively impact your health. However, standing all day is not the best solution either. This is why UpDesk becomes an ideal alternative for people who are worried about the health implications that come with sitting for long hours. This desk can help you alternate between sitting and standing, all at the push of a button whenever you please.

It is an ideal option for shared workspaces. It can be used by anyone because height can be adjusted down or upward depending on the height of the user. You can also pre-set its height to match your shoes.

It offers sheer convenience as compared to the DIY standing desks that you can’t move up and down easily.


The Downsides of UpDesk PowerUp

The desk is quite costly. However, the many benefits you will enjoy from this desk and the convenience it will bring will override the cost.


Should You Buy it?

UpDesk PowerUp is made by a reputable company and will enable you to assume better posture and improve your productivity. It is something you should invest in if you want to remain healthy in your sedentary lifestyle.


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UpDesk Elements

How Many Calories Does a Stand Up Desk Burn?

Stand Up Desk


Thanks to the dedicated healthy lifestyle researchers and proponents, most office workers now have stand up desk to reduce prolonged sitting while working. But just how effective are these furniture at burning calories? Well, this post will examine the logistics of working while seated and while standing and attempt to table arguments based on statistical data. It shall also cover briefly the benefits that desks offer.

Admittedly, the typical belief for a while now has been the longer you stand, the more calories you lose. While theoretically, this is correct, actualizing the deed reveals otherwise. Simply put, the number of calories you burn while using a stand-up desk is not significantly farther from those of while seated. You actually lose about 10 calories for every hour that you remain standing. The number is far too low considering the total which we ingest on every meal (600+ calories).


But does this revelation overrule the need for a stand up desk?

The short answer is no. These desks were originally designed to exercise the entire body by working the major muscles. This, in the long run, not only burns calories but also eliminates back problems that are common for professions that you spend long hours seated.

Another school of thought suggests the question of burning calories is not just about standing but also including movement in the routine. The truth is, stand-up desks can comfortably achieve this but only if you will combine both standing and movement while working from them. Otherwise, if you remain still with minimal or no motion, you are better off seated.

We came across a documentation by a well-respected research workgroup some time back and what we gathered was compelling. It compared a group of people weighing 130 pounds and working an average of eight hours. They used these desks occasionally throughout the test. For every hour they spent standing and swinging their arms, they lost about 40 calories. This is three times more the number of calories they lost while remaining still.


So, what does this research imply?

First, it confirms the school of thought aforementioned as practically correct. Secondly, it proves that these desk is an inevitable furniture for any office setting that is good-health oriented.


Parting shot

In case you missed it, this post was mostly attempting to establish the relationship between stand-up desks and calories incineration. We discovered that using these desk did not automatically burn more calories. Instead, it worked best when some motion was involved.

Therefore, the answer to the question “How many calories does a stand-up desk burn?” is dependent on a few factors. However, overall, a stand up desk is best used to remedy sitting complications and not necessarily in burning calories.


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UpDesk Elements

How to Make an Adjustable Desk

Adjustable Desk


We all know that sitting for long hours comes with negative health effects, but at the same time we do not want to commit to standing the whole day and that’s why the easiest solution to this is using an adjustable desk. However, the best adjustable desk doesn’t come cheaply, and many might not be able to invest in one. But the good news is; you can make your own adjustable desk using simple materials that you can buy from your local hardware.

Working from a standing position relieves the stress on the spine, promote awareness, improves blood circulation, and helps you assume a good posture. You can ditch your old-fashioned working desk and upgrade to an upright version that will improve your productivity and enable you to get comfortable in the workplace.

Here is how you can make your own adjustable desk;


Parts and supplies

With the right supplies, it’s easy to construct your own adjustable height desk. So now that you want to build a manually adjustable height desk, here are some helpful guidelines to get that done;

  • Desktop – You will need to purchase a quality desktop. They are solid wood which you will attach to your worktop at the workplace. You can purchase any type of desktop, but preferably, they need to be semi-finished so that you can add some additional staining and sanding to finish it off.
  • Fittings -Clamp fittings make your height desk adjustable. Each fitting comes with a set of screws that can be adjusted easily. The set screw bites into the pipe thereby making a strong connection that is adjustable. You can loosen or tighten them.
  • Pipe – There are different sizes of pipes. The size is measured in inches. Depending on how strong you want your desk to be, you can purchase any pipe as long it is strong enough to handle the weight of your hands. Regarding the height, the maximum length should be your recommended height for your adjustment height desk.


How to Assemble

  • Start by connecting the fitting for the legs and the pipe.
  • Then connect the leg base to the desktop.
  • Make fine adjustments using a level.
  • Your adjustment desk should be complete.

Adjustable Desk

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UpDesk Elements

Why Use a Stand up Desk?

Stand up Desk


Sitting for an extended period can negatively affect your health in a great way, and that’s why you need to invest in buying the best stand up desk. This might sound dramatic, but it is true. Due to the current nature of work, most people in the current generation sit on their desk jobs for nearly six hours a day.

Although research experts are trying to figure out why sitting for prolonged periods can bring cause a lot of negative health effects, it is advisable to interrupt your sitting routine and stand up for some time. This can be made easily using a standing desk. Walking is the recommended exercise to beat the effects of sitting for long hours, but keeping in mind that you cannot keep walking away from the task at hand whenever you need to break the routine, it makes sense to install standing desks.

Stand up desk comes with several benefits including;


Lowers Your Risk of Being Overweight and Obese

Weight gain comes as a result of taking more calories than we burn. Conversely, burning calories requires that you engage in physical exercises and standing is one of the exercises you can do at the workplace. Research has shown that you can burn 170 more calories when you stand for some time instead of sitting all day. This will help you lower the risk of becoming obese.


Core Strength and Posture

Standing on your stand up desk can help you maintain a good posture in addition to giving you strength to your core. If you set your standing desk to a recommended height for your body height, your body will assume good posture thereby helping avoid effects of bad posture such as back pain and accumulation of fat on the constricted parts of the body.


More energy

Standing keeps your blood flowing well and your mind more alert. It’s hard to feel dizzy when you are on your stand up desk because you are constantly aware of your body.

Stand up Desk

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UpDesk Elements

Determining The Height Of a Standing Desk

Height of a Standing Desk


Now that you are looking for the standing desk to buy, it’s best to first determine the appropriate height for your standing desk so as to maintain the right posture. It will not make sense to use a standing desk if you slump into it straining up to reach it or straining your back. That’s why today we will teach you how to establish the correct height of your specific standing desk.


What Is The Correct Height For the Best Standing Desk?

The height of your desk should typically be at your elbow height. This means that your wrists and elbows should be positioned at a near 90 degrees angle from the floor. Measure the height from the floor to the bottom of your elbow; your standing desk should be built to that height.

If you aren’t sure about the specific height your standing desk should take, you can go for an adjustable or convertible standing desk.

If you want to establish the best height for your standing desk, follow the following steps;

  • Stand up straight with your shoulders slightly back and your head towards the ceiling.
  • Hold your arms down and then bend your elbows to an angle of 90 degrees.
  • Bring the desk up to the level that your fingers gently touch the surface of your desk.
  • Adjust the height of your monitor so that it faces your eyes across rather than upwards.


Tips when setting your best height for your standing desk

  • The height of your shoes may force you to alter the height of your desk. For instance, a lady wearing heels one day and flats another day will want to adjust her desk in those two days. If you have to alter the height regularly, go for an electric desk with a controller
  • It’s okay to set your desk at a lower position than the 90-degree angle of your elbow to avoid exerting more pressure on your elbows and wrists.


We hope these tips will help you establish the best height for your standing desk.

standing desk

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UpDesk Elements

How to Stand Properly At Your Standing Desk

How to Stand Properly At Your Standing Desk

To prevent potential back problems and discomforts while working standing up, it’s important to make sure that your postures are ergonomically correct. It doesn’t matter whether you have the best standing desk or not, but assuming the right posture on your desk is important.

To ensure that you stand properly on your standing desk, here are tips to guide you;

  • Step 1 – Raise your standing desk to a comfortable height so that your elbows are bent at an angle of 90 degrees to 120 degrees.
  • Step 2 – Make sure the top of your desktop monitor is parallel to your eye level or just below them. If your monitor is not high enough, elevate its angle to face your eyes without straining your neck.
  • Step 3 – Your hands and wrists should be in a straight line and roughly parallel to the floor.
  • Step 4 – Alternate between standing and sitting throughout your work day to keep your mind alert and your body healthy.

The above steps are meant to ensure that you adopt a proper standing desk posture. Good standing posture is a habit that will benefit you with time. Although a standing desk helps improve your posture, you still need to learn how to stand properly to avoid causing strains to your neck.

Besides learning how to stand properly on a standing desk, it’s also important to develop a good sit-to-stand ratio. Sitting all day is unhealthy, but standing all day isn’t better as well. With a standing desk, you can alternate both, but you need to find the right ratio for it to benefit you. Here are 3 rules to help you strike a good ratio;

  • Rule 1 – Move around after every 20 or 30 minutes. Even if you stroll to and from the water cooler is good. This movement will help your leg muscles contract thereby increasing blood flow to your legs.
  • Rule 2 – listen to your body. The burning feeling you get when you’ve either sat or stood for an extended period indicates the formation of lactic acid in your respective muscles. Avoid this by moving around.
  • Rule 3 – Improve your standing time- with time you need to gradually increase your standing time all while obeying rule one and two.

We hope these tips will help you adopt a good standing posture.

standing desk

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